Regularity Is Key !

Packages of 4 Sessions. 

From 15% to 30% off !

Upscale Packages

Upscale Massage is all about results.


While our treatments are meant to last (from 4 to 7 days), regularity is the key to feel & keep an improvement.


That is the reason why we don’t offer the usual “Buy 10 Get 1 Free” to force your hand into coming (two) often (not necessarily evenly spaced).

Instead you get a package of 4 pre-defined appointments. 


An Umbrella On Rainy Days”

Validity is limited but please note that some packages (Copper & Silver) can be shared someone else…


Sharing IS Caring!


These Upscale Packages are the best idea depending on how often you feel like getting an appointment.



Every week, every two weeks or once every three weeks ! 


(Validity : 65 Days)


(Validity : 45 Days)


Not Shareable
(Validity : 28 Days)

Any appointment made beyond the expiry date no longer benefits from the reduction granted.

Therefore the price difference must be paid accordinly.


Notable : Upscale Package - Only Copper & Silver can be shared