Price List When In Brussels



Court St Michel

(INSIDE the mall)

1040 Etterbeek

(Metro / Bus : Thieffry)





Place du Champs De Mars, 4

1050 Ixelles

(Metro / Bus : Porte de Namur)


Massages that you know. But better.

The Caribbean version !

Kreyol Massage
(In Brussels)

One a month, UPSCALE MASSAGE & OSTEOPATHY is in Belgium to provide its expertise : 

The Kreyol Massage (Other traditional therapeutic sessions)


A Caribbean Kreyol Massage is the perfect mix of the best manoeuvres from Balinese, Hawaiian, African, Indian/Ayurvedic, Swedish, Shiatsu, Trigger Point, Deep tissu, Thaï & Chi Nei Tsang massage & Osteopathy Techniques. It also has its own methodology & techniques improved with advanced Aromatherapy (essential oils), using an exotic & warm organic coconut oil.

[Size S]

[30' Signature Therapeutic Massage]
30 Minutes
60€ (I/O) 65€

[Size M]

[45' Signature Therapeutic Massage]
45 Minutes
70€ (I/O 80)

[Size L]

[60' Signature Therapeutic Massage]
60 Minutes
90€ (I/O 100€)

[Size XL]

[75' Signature Therapeutic Massage]
75 Minutes
110€ (I/O 115€)

[Size XXL]

[90' Signature Therapeutic Massage]
90 Minutes
130€ (I/O 135€)

[Size 3XL]

[2H Signature Therapeutic Massage]
120 Minutes
150€ (I/O 160€)
Only on request

Osteopathic Manual Therapy

An osteopathic treatment utilises a combination of manual techniques such as stretching, soft tissue, myofascial release & the manipulation of muscles, joints, ligaments & tendons to bring balance to all the systems of the body. 

[Osteopathy Manual Therapy]

Between 45' & 60'

[Follow Up - Quick]

Between 20' & 30'
Only on request

[Integrative Manual Therapy]

Between 60' & 80'